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09 May 2008 @ 21:18

What do you do if your a Bellamort fan and happen to have sexy pictures of both Helena Bonham Carter & Ralph Finnes...
Combine Them!
Below are:
- the two versions of the manip I've done.
- bellamort icons
*Please dont repost them anywhere else. Link people back here.*

Origninal Manip

Another Take On The Manip

1. If using please credit me as 'BlackStarlet' when you do.
2. Please comment if you are going to be using or taking the icons. Or just comment if you want to. Comments are nice =]
3. Remember that this is my work. Remember that is you feel the urge to claim it as your own.

Bellamort Icons:

1. 2.3.
4. 5.6.
7. 8.9.


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09 May 2008 @ 19:45
 Macarena to Soilder Boy? - It Works!

proof ----

09 May 2008 @ 18:35

Wow so its been a week since my prom. Its the event ive been looking forward too for ages. Its the event of compulsary education (which i finish on monday =])


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22 April 2008 @ 20:05

ok...im at a busy time in my life, doing exams, leaving school, planning for prom...you know stuff like that. i should be foucsing on revising and not doing entries on here. i need to get my priorites right for a start... it should be:

  • revising for exams
  • rehursing for my drama exam
  • doing last bits of coursework
  • read of mice and men
  • buy revision guides

haha! it aint nothing like that! more like

  • count the days down till i get sweeney todd on dvd
  • read fanfiction
  • check helena-world.com
  • go on youtube [possibly upload a vid]
  • think about prom
  • erm study leave
  • stare at my sweeney todd posters
  • plan how me and my friend rosanna are gonna go to the harry potter and the half-blod prince premier. oh yes!

sound like i have an obsessed mind...wait till you see my entry on how obsessed with sweeney todd i am...[me thinks i'll do that another time as i have an english paper to try...]


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